The Best Laptop Under 70000 Rs to buy in India:

To find the best laptop under 70000 is a very confusing task as the prices fluctuate all the time and you have just too many different options to choose from.

But don’t worry we got it covered for ya. If you have a flexible budget or your budget is not yet fixed-do check out our different top Laptop Lists here.

best laptop under 70000

Just have a look at the specification to pricing ratio. this is surely the best laptop under 70000 as you are getting 1650 graphics paired with a i5 11th Gen.. The perfect laptop whether you wanna game, edit photos and videos, or just decided to do some Microsoft Word. Your every need will be fulfilled by this Beast! Because when you have a 144Hz display every small task runs smooth

Why Acer Nitro 5 is the best laptop under 70000 /-INR?

ProcessorIntel i5 11th gen
Screen144Hz 15.6 Inch
Graphics4GB- 1650
Weight2.2 KG

The specifications for this laptop are far superior to any of the competitors available out there. You just cannot find a laptop with the latest intel i5 with aΒ  144Hz display powered by the 1650.Β 

The only downside to that I personally find with this laptop is the graphics, 1650 is not at all bad but if we have gotten a 1650Ti it would have made it a steal!

So I can safely say this is the best laptop under 70000 with 1650 aka the best gaming laptop under 70000 aka the best editing laptop under 70000.

A further RAM upgrade down the line will just make your experience extra smooth.

61nTgrUVjL. SL1500 tech-trekkers

This is the best laptop for the creator in you under 70000 /-Β 

This lags a dedicated graphics card so I will not recommend you if you do a lot of video editing but for any other CPU intensive tasks the Ryzen 5 4500U is gonna hold up to almost anything.

ProcessorRyzen 5 4500U
Screen60Hz 13.3 Inch
Battery51 Watt-hour
Weight1.32 KG

The touch screen, the stylus, and most importantly the 360 hinge makes it too awesome to be a laptop. It is like a bulky tablet with Windows.

The display size is 13.3 Inches makes it too compact for travel and on-the-go doodling or any office work anywhere.

And it also has a Finger Print reader for that faster unlock.

The only downside with this laptop is the Storage which is a mere 256GB and that is very low for this price But fortunately, the SSD can be upgraded further down the line making it the best touch screen laptop under 70000 with a stylus.

3. The Editing Rig- Acer Nitro 5( Intel 10th gen)

best laptop under 70000

It’s got a generation older i5 processor but the 1650tiΒ  makes it worthwhile.

The laptop on the top of our list has 1650 + 144Hz but this one has better graphics and a lower refresh rate screen. Making this laptop the best laptop in terms of Compute Power

ProcessorIntel i5 10th Gen
Screen60Hz 15.6 Inch
GraphicsGTX 1650Ti – 6GB
Weight2.3 KG

If you were looking for a laptop with amazing GPU power then this might be the best laptop under 70000 .Β 

Just keep in mind if you are getting this laptop for Esports then the lower 60Hz refresh rate screen is definitely going to be a bother for you . Because this Card can push like 200FPS in CSGO but you can only enjoy the 60Hz of those.


Last Updated- May, 2021

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