The Best Gaming aka Productivity Mouse

If you are in a hurry you can just watch this video or just go ahead and buy this mouse because this is the best mouse for its price point.

But have a look at what makes it the best mouse at its price point and what features it offers than its competitors.

logitech g502 hero
Just a quick note: I have been daily driving this Mouse for over a Year Now.

And this article expresses my Experience with the Logitech G502 Hero for this time.

What does it Offer?

Some on Paper Stuff:


  • Up to 16,000 DPI (For that Blazing Fast cursor which you won’t be able to see).
  • 11 Customizable Buttons ( Damn! Lots of Buttons)
  • Onboard Memory ( To save your Profile/ Configs)
  • Hero 16K Sensor ( Amongst the Best sensor equipped on a mouse)
  • Logitech Software Sync ( it is a big deal, more on that below).
  • Minimal RGB ( Not really a Big Deal at this price range)
  • 2.1 m Braided Cable
  • 5 X 3.6 gm Weights (to adjust to your preference).

Only For Gaming?


The G502 has the 16K Hero Sensor is just fantastic for gaming and considering the extra buttons, it just helps quite a lot during gaming.

The button on its left side which is also advertised as the QUICK SNIPE button helps to lower the DPI( Sensitivity) while the button is pressed and hence helping while taking shots in scoped-in Sniper but its functionalities do not end there.


The primary reason for me to buy this mouse was for the sole purpose for gaming but as I started doing other tasks with this mouse I realized that this was much better than any other mouse at this price point at least.

The big “G” for Gaming in the Branding is just suppressing its potential as an amazing ALL ROUNDER MOUSE.

The Mouse for Content Creators!

In recent times I have been doing quite a lot of video editing and image editing stuff and those 11 Reprogrammable buttons just help in either Premiere Pro or Photoshop or take any other Application.

The Logitech’s software helps to reprogram those keys and those custom key settings can be program customized, i.e. whenever you open a Particular Program those Customized Key will be Activated and will be changed if you open another program.

The Over Powered Software!

ghub tech-trekkers

Some of the options in the software are on the Enthusiastic Side and a normal consumer might get lost in the software because it offers too much customization.

So for the starters, you might take time to get to know the software.


Some of the Highlighted Features of the Software are:

  • RGB Sync among Logitech Accessories.
  • Button Customizations
  • Macros Setup
  • Custom Button actions in different Applications.
  • BUILT-IN OBS Integration ( Amazing for Streamers)
  • If you die in a Game( Supported like CSGO). The light turns Red on your Mouse.


best gaming mouse

This feature alone is worth all the money.

Now, what the heck is Infinity Scroll?

Now a traditional scroll in a mouse is Stiff and does not rotate if no external force is applied or the external force ( finger) is removed off the scroll. But in this Infinity scroll, it keeps scrolling even after you keep your finer of off the scroll. And it keeps on scrolling depending on  how much intensity you applied while scrolling it in the first place.

Infinite Scroll can be Enabled and Disabled with the press of a single mechanical Switch on the mouse just above the Scroll Wheel making is simple to Quickly Switch between scroll Modes like when scrolling a long PDF or a web page.

The Adjustable Weights

A feature which is just good to have on the contrary of not having it.

We get 5 pieces of 2.6 grams of weights to adjust it in the Bottom of the mouse as shown in the 2nd image .

I personally do not use this as I think my mouse is already Bulky enough and this totally depends upon your preference.

According to me, the weight of the mouse is perfectly distributed but the option to adjust the weight as per the user is not a bad thing.

The bottom plate can be removed to see a Hollow area where the weights can be inserted and then the back plate can be closed.


vlcsnap 2020 12 01 19h02m25s654 tech-trekkers
vlcsnap 2020 12 01 19h05m05s025 tech-trekkers

The USB Cable

The Logitech G502’s got a 2.8 mtr braided cable which is sturdy enough with a cable tie attached to the cable itself which is a minor thing but comes in handy many times.

If you feel any time that the cable is long just use the pre-applied cable tie to manage the cable. The cable is not bulky being braided and thin at the same time.


Nothing is perfect and all the problems with the Logitech are well justified at this price point , still it might be a major issue for many:


  • THE SCROLL BUTTON- There are a total of 3 buttons in the Scroll Section, One for the main Scroll Button and two being left and right page scroll. And the LEFT SCROLL PAGE BUTTON comes in between the main Scroll button and many times it is pressed. 

While a simple solution for this is to disable the Left and Right Scroll Buttons. Or if you are the one who do not use Scroll Button then it might be no big deal for you.



Double Click Issue on the Logitech G502

So this was an issue on the Logitech G502 back then.

But as of currently it is not a known issue. Even if you face something like this just update the Firmware of the Mouse from the Logitech G Hub Software and it will be solved.



We get a 2 Years of Limited Warranty with this Mouse which according to me is good. The competition just provides a warranty for a  year.

Logitech Being a big Brand has plenty of service centers and is quick to respond via their Technical Support Helpline.

Check Out More Reviews on different Mouse- HERE

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